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 In order for Americans to use alternative forms of transportation more frequently, the government needs to promote alternative transportation. This can be done by increasing taxes on fuel, offering monetary incentives to using public transportation, and providing walking and cycling trails in good condition. Although increasing taxes on fuel may not be a popular option, this needs to be done. Most people are motivated by money to some extent, and having to pay more to run a vehicle may be the push people need to start using alternative transportation. In addition, the government could offer discounts on public transportation or a tax credit for using public transportation. Many people may think public transportation is not cheaper than driving a vehicle, but with these monetary incentives in place, it would be less expensive to use public transportation. When people decide to walk or bike to their destination, it is important to have a safe path to walk or bike upon. To promote the use of alternative transportation, the government could allocate funds to ensure that bike and walking paths are lighted and smooth. By doing this, people would believe the walking paths were safer and would use these paths more frequently.

Although it would be ideal if everyone in the United States did not drive a personal vehicle, this is probably not going to happen. People who live in rural areas depend on their vehicle, as they are too far away from a town to walk or bike, and there is not public transportation available. People in rural areas can help reduce their carbon footprint by combining errands, not letting their vehicle idle, and buying fuel-efficient vehicles.

In a perfect society, everyone would bike, walk, or use public transportation. These are the most effective ways to save the atmosphere and conserve fossil fuels. Alternative transportation has many benefits, and the United States government could help promote alternative transportation options. They could offer monetary incentives, national advertisement campaigns, and higher taxes on fuel for vehicles. Although not every person in the United States will use alternative transportation, it is important to rethink the need for a vehicle and explore other options for transportation. If society wants Earth to have clean air for many years, alternative transportation is necessary to help combat the pollution caused by the millions of vehicles that drive each day in the United States

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